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Our courses on Wall Street English have helped thousands of people around the world to progress through the 6 levels of English learning based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


A0 stage is designed for the very beginning English language learners. The content and exercises in the A0 stage provide students with the basic framework for recognizing and using basic vocabulary and typical expressions.


In A1, students will learn to express themselves in everyday situations to accomplish basic tasks.


At this stage students can hold a conversation with a good degree of fluency, read simple books, newspaper, web content, and technical documents, and write short letters and business reports.


At the B1 stage students can converse with a high degree of fluency and are able to comprehend complex ideas expressed in English.


At this stage students reinforce their English proficiency through dialogues, role-plays, and readings designed to expand vocabulary and introduce new sentence structures.


This stage ensures students continue to improve their fluency and master complex expressions.