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Personalized solutions

We understand that times constantly change and so do the needs of your company and your employees.

To make sure you and your team reach their language objectives, we offer a fully customized learning program that can be modified as things move along.

For example:

You can request a program that starts purely online and in a later stage it can move to in-company or in-center lessons. Or if one of your team members starts traveling all the time, we can fix online lessons just for him or her.


If an executive starts with in-company lessons but finds himself in a period where he has little time to think about language learning, we can easily move him to our Professional Coaching.

Whatever you need, we can accommodate with the guarantee that the student will master the English, French or German language in the most efficient and effective manner.

No matter which solution you choose, whether it’s one or a mix of them, you will save time and money.

Swiss Language Group offers you and your team a full level assessment!

To help you in your search, we offer you a complete assessment of the level of any learner free of any obligation.

Contact us to request your assessment.

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