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Language courses for companies

Now more than ever, it is crucial that employers and employees remain motivated and continue to use their time to grow in an efficient and effective manner.

That’s what Swiss Language Group has done in Switzerland for over 30 years: unlock and increase the potential of companies and team members with personalized solutions and a method meant to save time and money.

The group counts with 3 specialized schools to learn English, French or German :

  • Wall Street English
  • Swiss French School
  • Ecole Suisse d’Allemand

No matter which language you need, you and your team will be guided by your personal language expert to find the best learning solution out of the following ones :

  • In-company courses : best solution for teams or individuals searching fixed scheduling at a convenient and familiar location in your premises. Discover more about in-company courses by clicking here.

  • Professional coaching : a personalized solution for professionals that don’t have too much time to learn and need a maximum of flexibility without the need to worry about organizing his classes. Discover more about professional coaching by clicking here.

  • 100% online courses : learn whenever and wherever you want. The chance to have group or 1-to-1 classes whether they find themselves at home, the office or even out of the country. Discover more about our online lessons by clicking here.

  • Personalized solutions : mix and arrange all our solutions to fit what you need. Total and full personalization depending on what each member of your team needs.

« L'école d'anglais la plus dynamique depuis 1986 »

« Learn French faster! »

" L'allemand, comme j'ai toujours voulu l'apprendre ! "